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Monday, September 15, 2008

A New and Unique people bring a NEW and unique perspective

It has now been about week since the passing of Imam W. D. Mohammed. And as Muslims we accept death as apart of life. In fact, we live our life seeking the reward of the life after death (the afterlife). Our Prophet (saw), encouraged us to be in this world as a traveler. So, as Muslims we understand that when someone physically passes away, this is not the complete END, but only the beginning of what will be the true reality. So, we acknowledge death by first saying "inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioon." This is usually understood as "from Allah we come and to Allah we return."

With that said, when we look at the death of Imam W. D. Mohammed we should see ONLY the passing of a physical man and NOT the passing of Imam W. D. Mohammed. Now, don't get spooky on me. I'm not talking about flying ghosts and walking invisible beings. We have to look at what Imam Mohammed represents. The leadership, not the person.

Imam Mohammed represents a uniquely formed Muslim here in America and his leadership (his soul/spirit) will be expressed through his followers and students. The Imam once said,
" I have told you my philosophical mind, my mystical side, and I see myself tomorrow living in you. I won't be dead, I'll be living in you so please give me a nice future, yes give me a future you know I want. Because I won't be living after I die here on this earth. I won't be living anywhere except in you." IWDM RS 2000
The Imam went on to say, His soul will be with those he loves most. Though it has no body anymore, can't communicate, it will be with those he loves most.
-Mohammed Hassan

Simply put, his legacy lives on. In THIS POST, Abdur Rahman Muhammad outlines what he believes to be the more important aspects of the Imam's legacy, and I think at the very least everyone can appreciate that.

But if we take even a closer look at the Imam's legacy we will see how the Imam represents the spirit of not only the African-American Muslim, but in his spirit lies the BEST OF HUMAN ASPIRATIONS. This is the spirit that had the courage to break away from the shirk of his own father. This is the spirit of the man who loved his people more than his own self. This is the spirit of the man who loved Allah and the last Messenger (saw) more than his own mate. This is the spirit of the former slave who will only submit to Allah as his Lord. This is the spirit of the Khalifah in us; the spirit of a leader; the spirit of Imam W. D. Mohammed! It is this very spirit that potentially lies with his students ...And I think one brother said it best when he said,

"We are a New and Unique people, and Imam Mohammed was the FIRST born among us."
If we understand this...then we can understand that what Imam Mohammed represents is special.  His tafsir and his language is more applicable to MY PERSONAL LIFE than all that comes from your popular scholars and sheikhs. His school of thought is more applicable in MY PERSONAL LIFE than all your Mathhabs and dhirk beads.  Because of Imam Mohammed's leadership, I am a new and unique person with a new and unique perspective.


Mrs. PhD Extraordinaire said...

Very well stated.. . LOL@ spooky. I loved when he used that :)

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