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Monday, September 15, 2008

Allah Made Me Funny

Can you help make UPF's first theatrical release a hit?
From the Desk of Michael Wolfe

As you may know, Landmark Theaters is releasing our new film, Allah Made Me Funny, in 14 movie theaters across the country for one week starting October 3rd.

Featuring the stand-up comedy of Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss, and Mo Amer, these Muslim stand-up comics use humor to break through polarizing stereotypes and open minds.

Today, I'm writing to request your support to help it reach as wide an audience as possible.

Just like the 'Passion of the Christ' film became a hit because individuals, churches and other groups sponsored and bought group tickets, we are looking to do the same with our own sponsorship program.

Sponsorships start as low as $300 for 48 tickets. (Details are attached or available at this link: AMMF sponsorship form) It's a tax-deductible donation to UPF.
We will take the responsibility of distributing the tickets.

Can I count you in?

Please complete the attached form or visit this website:
[Click on general donation and enter the amount of the sponsorship, you'll get a receipt via email.]

You can also send a check to:

UPF - AMMF Sponsorship
15408 Tierra Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20906

For more information, please contact Rabiah Ahmed at 202-439-1441 or

Thank you for your wonderful support!

Michael Wolfe


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