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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Qaadir Siddeeq, our prayer goes out to you brother

Ameer Muhammad said:

I wrote the song Angel for my partner Qaadir Siddeeq and his family. He is in the hospital now do to a very rare cancer. My partner is only 27 with a wife and two kids. He is truly one of the the most responsible, good hearted persons in this world. He is in good spirits and its not at a critical state right now (praying that it will go into remission), but do to him being hospitilized I am reaching out to my facebook family and asking anybody who can to donate $2 to the Siddeeq Family Fund and in return get the ringtone for the song Angel. Even if you can't, I'm asking that you at least leave some words of incouragment and maybe your friends that see it can do the same or more. You can get the ringtone by going to your cell phones WAP browser and typing in this link:

Thank you for taking the time out to listen and read. Peace

p.s. If you listened to the song and wondering who SKILLET is go to my myspace at


thelegacymaker said...

Please check-out:

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