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Monday, August 25, 2008

Black people camping?!?

I just returned from a fun-filled weekend of camping with my family.  We drove out to KOA (Kampsite of America) in PA...set up the tents, bar-b-qued, canoed, played vollyball, made Halal smores, the whole 9 yards.  I was like a little kid was GREAT.  This was my first time with my wife's family but they had camped many, many times before all over the nation.  Its been in my family (on my father's side) to go canoeing but I had never been camping with them.  
As we arrived we noticed another Black family (obvious, like a black dot on a white piece of paper).  But the thought occurred to me as we arrived...
CNN also did a story about Black Campers:
Story Highlights
  • A vast majority of people enjoying America's campgrounds are white
  • Survey: 30 million Americans have camped; only 300,000 are black
  • For years many black people were afraid to camp, black campers' group says
  • National Park Service hoping to peak minority interest in outdoor recreation
My Perspective:
Camping is not expensive. And its not like you won't ever return to modern conforts.  And to dispel another excuse, you don't have to own an RV to camp.  Rent you a MiniVan and throw them tent poles on top.  Get you some Halal meat and some drinks and any other amenities you'd like and your set.  
Ok. So, we've lost touch with nature and the outdoors. That's obvious.
The biggest issue is that the BLACK FAMILY has fell apart.  Camping is a family affair.  It brings families close and its an activity thats fun for all ages and all family members.  
I think all people (not just blacks or Muslims) should really consider indulging in those activities that keep our families close.  Just my perspective.


Anonymous said...

My family and I have camped in many different states. We've only seen a few black families in all our years camping. It is a shame. Of course, we've had some bad experiences of not feeling welcome in some rv resorts. However, the best vacations we ever had was camping. I was looking for a campgrounds that other blacks enjoyed their stay, when I ran across your blog.

thelegacymaker said...

Most of the KOA's we've been to are very friendly. I think the ones outside of heavily diverse cities (NY, DC) have greater chances of having more diverse camp sites. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

It's great to know there are other black "tent" campers out there and I appreciate the honest comments, since I share your feelings about it being a family affair and black people having lost touch with the outdoors. I've camped a great deal (always "tenting" it) in national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Arches, etc.), KOA's, State Parks, and just plain old down home places that just say "Camping" (lol!) on them. In all my experiences, I've never had a problem. I am a black female and I've camped with my sister and boyfriend (both are black too). I am very interested in trying to get more blacks to camp and/or finding others to join, but there's always reluctance for whatever reason - maybe there's a way to connect, which is how I came across your blog. I'll stay tuned and hope you find some great places (through your blog). KOA's are usually the best since they have great amenities most times. There's a great campground in Ocean City, MD (Castaway's) and in the KOA in Niagara Falls, Canada is extraordinary. Feel free to email me: tarshastuff at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

The last time I went camping was long ago when I was a boy scout, but I am looking to make camping my new hobby. One of my goals is to drive cross country in a conversion van while camping along the way. It is great to read about other brothers and sisters "thinking outside the box" that we are put into.(Or put ourselves into)

Anonymous said...

I know I'm 2 years late but I'm black and I'd like to go camping but my family falls into the "scared" category. Not just about bears or snakes but also some psycho lurking the woods. I always shake my head at that stuff. One day I'll make it out there and hopefully I'll enjoy the experience.

thelegacymaker said...


Your really missing out man! Camping isnt really that bad. They have camp sites like KOA ( that are really nice. Some even have cabins or lodges that you can rent. Just being outdoors is an experience in itself. Don't wait too long!

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