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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clayton County (GA) schools lose accreditation

"A loss of accreditation means the 50,000 Clayton students could have trouble getting into some colleges and universities, or receiving scholarship money....
Students and parents were shocked by the news. Some teenagers broke down in tears in classes and others left early."

So...this 50,000-student school system is the first in the nation to lose accreditation since 1969.  And of course, the students are the ones to suffer....especially the Black students.

I used to live near Clayton County; it's a "Black" county, just like most of Atlanta is Black.  In 2000, racial makeup of the county was 37.94% White, 51.55% Black, and little "other" sprinkled in too.

I think Georgians should be more concerned about the quality and level of education of their children.  We all know what happened to Morris Brown back in 2002...let's not let this happen to the Georgia public school systems.  Because like I said before...the students are the ones to suffer....especially the Black students.


The Ripley Porch said...

My humble opinion. This week...the parents of three thousand students within the district will make plans to either send "junior" out of the area (to Grandma's or Uncle Eds house in another county), or they will enroll their "wonder-child" in a private school there within the district. A dozen or so parents will even decide to home-school the kid although at this point...I'd have doubts on how this would work out.

By the middle of September, you will notice three thousand students gone from the high schools in this county...mostly the smarter and the more gifted. The star basketball players...gone. The star baseball players...gone. The kids who were the brightest, will be gone from Clayton county. By December, another thousand parents will have made similar decisions.

I have little hope for these individuals to repair the damage done. If I were the governor....I'd select a couple of state National Guard commanders and put them on the state payroll as the county board of education...thus removing any further issues. Fire those remaining and just let real leadership take their place.

thelegacymaker said...

Excellent comment. Your probably right, however in reality they would have to find qualified individuals to replace those spots on the board. Its up to parents and community members to really step up and not give up on their school system. But who wants to take such a chance on the education/success of their children?

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