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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The World as it is.....and the World as it should be...

History was made today.

Many people would have wished to see this day, and many people feel very privileged to have been witness to it. All politics aside, I am very impressed with the direction that Barack Obama intends to take this country. I just hope that the rest of America recognizes his potential and understands his ability. I hope they see the type of person that he is...the passion that drives him...the Spirit that empowers him to serve. I hope they connect to his patrionism. I hope they see the direction that he wants to take the country. I hope they look more at what unites Americans and less at what we disagree on. I hope they see the message that Obama brings. I hope they see the Change that he represents. But most importantly, as Obama noted:
"This election is not about me....its about YOU."
I will leave you with the bio shown tonight about Obama. It really inspires me...I want that spirit! I want that spirit to serve! I want that spirit to empower and help others! Let's see how far that spirit takes Obama!


thelegacymaker said...

You can catch the full speech @

ridwana said...

It says something about American people if they actually elected a Black president.

Thats all Im surprised by. I dont think Hes gonna do anything differently specifically in the Muslim World, to be honest thats where my heart lies.

I have more faith in Muslims to change their situation than I do, a kafir who has no interests in helping or changing our condition unless it benefits him one way or another.
Bush attacked Iraq
Ethiopia invaded Somalia
Israel occupies Palestine
and Obama promised to take Pakistan back to the stone age.

Only hope is that we can get ourselves sorted, appoint an Ameer and form ONE NATION.

thelegacymaker said...

Thank you for your comment.

It says something more about the American people that they actually elected a Black president with an African name and Arabic middle name, Hussein. It says that the majority of people are willing to judge a person based upon their character and moral value and not the labels associated with their name. It also says their is hope for Muslims in America to change the way the World sees Muslims and the way the world sees Islam.

I too share faith in Muslims to change their own situation. Obama's job is to change America. But this gives Muslims in America a wonderful opportunity to be apart of that change. A change for righteousness and morality.

I do disagree that it should be the goal of the Muslim World to appoint an Ameer and form one nation. The "Muslim World" extends beyond geographical boundaries; we already exist as one nation and our Ameer is the Prophet Muhammad (saw). When we recognize this, inshAllah we will be better off.

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