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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Imam Mohammed on: Barack Obama

Here are a few statements that Imam Mohammed made about Barack Obama:

"G-d says your life and your resurrection is as that of one living soul. If we are to return to the good life, if we are to have a resurrection of our spirit, it has to happen in one person. G-d has given us great help. A new day is here. A bright day is here. Relief has come in one soul: Barack Obama.

This is not politicking. I have to keep this separate from his campaign. But I have to connect it with him, because G-d has blessed him to aspire for the presidency of these United States. The same G-d has blessed him with strong support from strong and rich White, European Americans.

Whether he gets there or not, the victory is already real. The spirit and souls of Black folks will never be the same again. G-d has permitted that one person whom we identify as a Black man or African American going with green lights in the road, no red lights in the road to the White House. This is the Day of Awakening for sure.

Some months ago, I said 'Goodness is on the rise.' Now look at the proof: Barack Obama. Goodness is on the rise. Here is a man who made himself known at the 2004 Democratic Convention. They are so impressed with him, because he is so clean and straight. Look where he is now.

If he loses everything from here on and gets no more support, and someone else gets in the White House, what he has done to sensitize African Americans, Hispanics, poor Whites, rich people, everybody high and low, cannot be erased or removed. G-d has enthused into the human world a power pack of energy for renewing this whole planet.

Whether you want it or not, you are going to get better because of the rise of Barack Omama. Whether you want it or not, you are going to become a better human being. Nobody will have to force you. You are going to become that just because of your being in touch as a human being with feelings. You have already been touched by him, and that is going to grow and grow.

Think about it. Think of how your children behaved before Obama was seen rising in the sky of the high Nation of the United States of America. Before he was seen rising and no acknowledgement of him, as it is now. He is supported by different races with their money backing him. Reflect back on the spirit and behavior of your children before that. Already there is a change for the better. Your children are more sensible and respect good sense now. Your children have started to grow anew under the new sun that is shining on the whole world from the United States of America: Barack Obama.

You say 'Oh you are lifting him up too high.' No, I am not! G-d has lifted him up that high. Isn't that what Scripture says: As the one man is falling who thought he could go it on his own, making decisions by himself, brought all of us down and causing all of us to lose sight on G-d's Plan in our lives, so will one man coming back into his innocent nature, and speaking from and acting from his innocent nature, can cause all of us to rise again. We live in the best times, perhaps, ever on this planet earth. I know in man's history, this is the best time ever. Jesus (peace be upon him) and Muhammed (peace be upon him), pointed to this time. They did not say the greatest things were happening in their time. They pointed to the future. Now we have come to that future... in this time where man is connected all over the planet earth."

Imam W. Deen Mohammed - Chicago Heights, Ill., May 4, 2008. From his book: "Life - The Final Battlefield" published May 2009.


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