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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Few Points...

O People! I have been put in authority over you and I am not the best of you. So if I do the right thing then help me and if I do wrong then put me straight. Truthfulness is a sacred trust and lying is a betrayal. The weak amongst you is strong in my sight. I will surely try to remove his pain and suffering. And the strong amongst you is weak to me I will - Allah willing - realize the right from him fully. When obscene things spread among any nation, calamities generally continued to descend upon them. As long as I obey Allah and His messenger, you should obey me, and if I do not obey Allah and His messenger, then obedience to me is not incumbent upon you. (Now prepare for prayer). -Abu Bakr’s (ra) Inaugural Speech HatTip MR

1. As we watch history in the making we should always reflect on the Islamic aspect of things. This is why I think it was good to note Abu Bakr's submission to Allah even when given such a great and honorable power. And even through America's corruption and mistakes, this nation remains true to it's foundation of "one nation UNDER G-D". They always keep "G-d" in the equation even if some are confused about how they should see Him.

2. I am of firm belief that the focus of this election is not about one man, but what that one man represents.

Let's reflect....The plague of slavery had cast a dark shadow over the whole earth. It took the likes of leaders like MLK, Jr., who possessed a driving spirit for human and moral values, to fight against oppression and slavery. Now we sit amidst another seed of an ex-slave who would lead from the position of president, the very country that had enslaved that African-American soul... from the house (White House) built by those slaves. How ironic.

This driving spirit for human and moral values empowered the Founders, the Civil Right's leaders, and now Obama ...and this is what is neccessary for the success of this nation.

3. Imam Zaid Shakir pointed out that, "this election was a referendum on Islam in America" and that is sooo true. Muslims....we have a job to do.


Anonymous said...

WD Mohammed :

G'd evolves family to global humanity

Q. 31.28; Death,resurrect as one single soul
"And your creation and resurrection is in now wise but as an individual soul for G'd is He Who hears and sees."

And actually what is being done by G'd through man, but also through the forces of nature is the progress of the original family life. G'd is evolving the single family life for the whole of mankind and the single home life for the whole of mankind. So here is the core of man in his original social nature and spiritual nature growing, influencing, as it grows, until it fuses into all the children of mankind and brings them into accord with the single soul of mankind, of all people. IWDM

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