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Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekly Wisdom - 7/18

This post begins a new series on my blog entitled "Weekly Wisdom". It will include Qur'anic ayats, Hadith, or quotes from various leaders on every Friday of the Week. ENJOY!

Gardens, beneath which rivers flow...

THE PARABLE of the paradise promised to those who are conscious of God [is that of a garden] through which running waters flow: [but, unlike an earthly garden,] its fruits will be everlasting, and [so will be] its shade. Such will be the destiny of those who remain conscious of God-just as the destiny of those who deny the truth will be the fire. (13:35 Holy Qur'an)

My Commentary:

Jannah literally means Garden but it represents so much more. This is the picture that we are given of Paradise. This is the Parable…this in itself is the metaphor. A GARDEN. When you think of a Garden you think of GROWTH, you think of LIFE...that which sustains life…the Garden is meant to appeal to your sensitivities….it cultivates life and growth , it nourishes the seed which has been planted within the soil (like Kindergarden).

What is the significance of the rivers flowing beneath? The water, the blessings, that which promotes life, does not need to come from the sky! The garden is sustained by water underneath…its already in its foundation, already in it nature…the GARDEN is COMPLETE with its blessings, with its own purity. Simply put, water represents purity and The Jannah itself represents complete bliss.

Notice the contrast between the Garden and the Hellfire. Taqwa and unbelief separate the two.


DC said...

This is so true. Many Muslims miss the parable and don't understand its connection to this life. Man dreams and aspires with his ideas and efforts as seeds that are planted in creation. These works often take the form of careers, community projects, business ventures, or educational endeavors. After many years of planting with works, mans highest hopes are that these works produce fruits that will sustain themselves, others and future generations. This ayat should also cause us to focus on the sincerity of our intentions and deeds. Will they bear any fruit for our souls?...or just for our flesh and pockets? Your commentary brings to mind stories in the Qur'an of people who sought money and wealth from the "garden" and left goodness behind only to find it all vanish. Midway through surah kahf is a story of a man who says he has been blessed with more wealth and sons only to find his garden destroyed by Allah. Surah Qalam tells the story of a group of men who sought to horde the wealth from their "garden" only to find it destroyed by Allah. Very insightful.

Zahara said...

Sometimes when you read a Hadith or an Ayat from the Quran you don't full understand the meaning behind it. Sometimes you don't fully understand it until someone breaks it down for you :-) Thanks! Just reading it without your commentary seemed very straight forward. I enjoys the way you think different passages and Hadiths out. I can appreciate that.

thelegacymaker said...


Excellent comment!!! In dua, we always ask for Good in this life as well as the afterlife. We should strive for our "garden" not only in the hereafter but strive for it in this life as well. I need to get up on my Qur'anic knowledge like you my dear brother...I will look into those references!

thelegacymaker said...

Thanks Zahara for your compliment! May Allah continue to bless us all with correct understanding and application of Qur'anic knowledge!!!

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