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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama ‘slave’ shirt sparks lawsuit threat

My wife pointed out THIS ARTICLE (thanks baby) about a girl getting beat up for wearing a shirt that says, Obama is my slave”. Now, she is seeking to sue the designer. Well, let me correct myself. She didn't get "beat up". Just picked with. But did she expect anything less?

I mean really. To be so bold as to wear one of this guys shirts (who believes Obama is a Muslim), you have to expect at least a few disgusted looks if not verbal and/or physical assault. People LOVE Obama. And apparently some people hate him too.

But people always say that America is not READY for a Black president. What does race have to do with the man's ability to perform his job? The rest of the world is ready. The economy is ready. Health care is ready. And the guy doesn't do a half bad job of uniting people for his cause, either (raising 52 million last month, almost twice as much as McCain).

And apparently, whats worst than being Black, is being a MUSLIM. The designer of the shirts said, "he couldn't stand Obama..." not because he was black, but "...because he's Muslim" (which Obama has denied repeatedly)!! People will find any excuse to hate Obama. I'm going to walk around with a T-shirt that says "MUSLIM" and see if I get assaulted in New York City.


Zahara said...

I find it amazing that in 2008 we still have so much hatred for one and other. For someone to wake up in the morning, pick up this shirt, possibly iron it, put it on, look in the mirror and STILL leave the house without any second thoughts deserves to be BEAT DOWN! Its funny because she was "assaulted" in Washington Square park ( Upper white class area of New York)! It was only by the grace and mercy of Allah that she didn't get on the train.....She may not be alive to tell her story. It truly is sad that people would be so BOLD to make a statement like that. Please don't forget to mention some of this idiots other famous T-Shirts like "Who is going to shoot Obama"...In the United States you can get arrested for making a threat against the President, even if you have no plan or intention of going forward with it...Now watch when Obama...Yes I said Watch when Obama becomes President all these rules are going to change. It's going to become Freedom of expression and the 1st amendment!

I have been working on my anger management, but if that chick passed me on the street I would have "chin checked" her... OBAMA 08! And I hate when people say .."Its not because he's black that I don't like him, its because hes Muslim"!!!! We are officially the most hated group of people...BEING A BLACK MUSLIM IN AMERICA !!!

thelegacymaker said...

Obama has been put in a difficult situation with accusations of being Muslim and still stand up for--or at least pacify--Muslims when they are disrespected, i.e. the NEW YORKER. (See the comments from the Larry King interview.)

And it is such a shame that people are so brain washed to view Muslims so negatively! It seems to be Black and Muslim is a double negative.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and your comment!!

DC said...

I thought this was bad. Now a SC State Senator has posted a picture of Obama and Osama on his webblog. This is sad.

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