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Friday, July 11, 2008

Recipee for a Successful Community: PART I - Role of the Masjid

Role of the Masjid

IMAM W. D. Mohammed gave this talk: on the Role of the Masjid. The Imam points out that the two most important roles of the Masjid are:

1. To lift up the concept of Tawheed and let it ring out in America

2. To attend to the most serious needs of the community, whether those needs be economic, spiritual, moral, political, etc.

A Successful Community begins with a Successful Masjid

At the center of every successful American Muslim community is a successful Masjid (or Masaajid). Even in the broader sense of word "community" in which the community includes more than just the geographical neighborhood...there is a Masjid: The Earth.

We know Allah says in the Qur'an:

"…The Earth has been made a place of prayer (Masjid) for me, and pure. Therefore, any man from my community who is overtaken by the time of prayer, let him pray [wherever he may be]."

So, whenever we look at what it take to make a Muslim community successful we should start with making the Masjid successful [i.e., achieve the points mentioned above]. The Masjid will be the forefront and center for businesses, schools, restaurants, etc. This is what the Prophet (saw) did when he first arrived in Medina. He built a Masaajid upon Taqwa, and they became the center of Muslim life within Medina.

The Prophet stressed the role of building Masaajid with the Hadith:

"He who builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, seeking the pleasure of Allah, Allah would reward him with a dwelling in Heaven."

The Masjid provides a center for Islamic development, a focus for leadership and energy within the community, and most importantly a place for congregational prayer. The successful Masjid unifies the community and unifies the believers. It provides a fertile soil for planting seeds of education, business, and leadership. Therefore, the role of the Masjid in the community is nearly indispensable. When we better understand the ROLE OF THE MASJID we can better serve the community!

Role of the Community Members

In one word: ACTIVE

The community members must be active. The Hadith says take advantage of five matters before five others: your youth, before your old age; and your health before you fall sick; and your wealth before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life before your death.

As Muslims we are obligated to be active community members. If you are not satisfied with the productivity of your Masjid and community do not blame the Leadership (though they may deserve some blame). Blame yourself. What are you doing to further the productivity of your own community? You can always do more.

Al-Humduillah!! A large Masjid (w/school) was built from the ground up within a 5 year period. When a coordinator was asked "How did your community accomplish this in so little time?" His reply "First, by the grace and mercy of Allah (SWA)". He added ~ "Secondly, 85% of all the key leadership positions in the Masjid, are held by our YOUTH (ages 19 - 40). The elders are only consultants to the young leaders...." Youth represents zeal, vigor, and energy. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR YOUTH BEFORE YOUR OLD AGE.


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