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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jackson says Obama comments not about envy

I just thought THIS was soooo funny. Such a shame....but still so funny:

"See, Barack's been talking down to black people. ... I want to cut his nuts off."
- "The Rev." Jesse Jackson

Does this speak to a behind-the-scenes image of Obama? Or is this just a ploy to divide the African-American community or show the division in the African-American community??

MORE on Jackson's comments...


Muhammad said...

I found it VERY interesting that this happened on FOX News. We all know the minipulation and foolishness that goes on with Fox. This is just another example of Willie Lynch and the House Negro vs. Field Negro mentality.

I also find it interesting that Jesse Jackson (a FORMER Democratic Presidental Candidate) was reported making these comments. Jealousy? Bigotry? Whatever it is... He knows better than to let the media use him as a device to further divide the African American Community and the Democratic Party.

thelegacymaker said...

Look at the name...Fox...sneaky and sly. They were waiting for somebody to slip up. They can't really get Obama...can really get his wife...another African-American religious Leader will do. Jesse you know better than that. SHAME on you.

DC said...

Excellent point. Just wanted to let you know that the Willie Lynch letter is a hoax. It has some valid points but it is totally made up fiction. Check the link!

thelegacymaker said...

Jesse Jackson reportedly also used n-word in off-air gaffe:

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