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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Recipee for a Successful Community?

What are the most important ingredients needed to ensure growth in our Islamic communities?

Taqwa, Leadership, Education???

Schools, family life, business development???

How about active community members?

InshAllah, the next several posts will discuss what I believe to be essential ingredients for growth of our Islamic communities. In America, we face a challenge to establish the appropriate Islamic life in a society that may not always share our interests and necessities as Muslims.

At the very least we seek things like Masaajid to pray in, halaal meats and restaurants to enjoy, and good ol fashioned Egyptian Musk to wear on Fridays. In order to ensure that we have the life that G-d wants for us as human beings we should take the initiative to establish it since it may not already be present. And even if we do have access to such an Islamic life...there is always room for progress.

So I ask....

What are the most important ingredients needed to ensure growth in our Islamic communities?


Zahara said...

I think everything you listed and more are essential to having a successful community. You need active members, community leaders, Muslims that want the best Islamic environment for their children an other future leaders of Islam. I think the three most important are G-d conscious members(ACTIVE G-D conscious members)Leadership and support. You hear people everyday saying what they want to do and lets start a movement, lets build a Muslim school, Muslim movies, library, Muslim restaurants, Muslim Disney World (Joke) But you get my point. But none of those same people attend Community organization meetings, Community action groups, nothing. Activism is essential to making a dream become a reality. We need people that are passionate and motivated. But most of all the best Recipe for a successful Muslim Community are people like you. People that have a stong love for this religion. People that view Islam as a way of life and not a religion. People who want to become better Muslims everyday.

thelegacymaker said...

Thank you for your comment! I intend to follow this post up with several more...stayed tuned

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