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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lecture by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

"Let us move on now to the concept of prophet. We have now a quick picture of Allah, that is a quick, real brief, idea of the unity of allah, His oneness, His uniqueness, His independence. Now, let us come to the prophet, or concept of the prophet, and see the precious light of Al-Islam. On the concept of Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad is not an ordinary Prophet.  Prophet Muhammad is the major Prophet, extraordinary Prophet, and thelast of the prophets, last of the Major Prophets. The Major Prophets are those prophets who bare a direct relationship to our individual growth as a human being, as a conscious creature. There are Minor Prophets who dealt with social problems, political problems, different problems--those are Minor Prophets. They don't bear directly their meaning. Their role does not bear directly on the natural evolution of me as a person. How do we know this? Allah says in the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad has taught it--that in you are seven grades and above you are seven corresponding grades. The seven in us refers to the natural steps of growth that takes place in the conscience of the individual to reach the fullness of growth that Allah has ordained for us, in creating us, our natural forms, our nature-biological nature, our spiritual nature, our political nature.

Do you know that you have a political nature. My political nature, all of it has already been clocked and designed by Allah who created it. In creating it, he designed it and clocked it. And He designed and clocked it, so that, it moves up along certain planes of elevation. Each plane of elevation gets broader. The first plane is more narrower and it not as broad as the second one. The second one is broader than the first one. The third one is broader the second one. And the fourth is broader the third one. The fifth one is broader than the fourth. The sixth is broader than the fifth. The seventh is broader than the sixth. So, if you see this going up, it looks like a cone so to speak. It gets bigger as we go up into the grades.

Now, where does Prophet Muhammad stand? Where is he placed? Since Allah says, correspondedly there are seven above you. The word in Arabic clearly tells us that the seven above us are not different than the seven in us. It clearly tells that the seven above us are the same as the seven in us. Oh, is he saying that the seven prophets, the Major Prohets are in us? Yes! But they are asleep in us. The average one of us cannot reach the potential that the great Prophets achieved. Because we have not earned the blessings that they earned. But if we had been upright and G-d chose us for the blessings, there is already the resources in her for G-d to bring out. The resources of the Major Prophets are in me, in every human being. And G-d has to bring it out. He brought it out with each major Prophet. He brought a plane or elevation of that until it reached seven. And we know, according to hadith, if the hadith is correct and we must agree that it is correct whether we know the hadith is correct or not because the ummah is the ummah after the millah of Ibrahim--the Prophet Hanifah--peace be on him.

...Dear believers, sometimes I don't feel like talking to you this way because most of you are doubters. And it is not justice to give precious knowledge to doubters. It is not justice. That is not right--you see.  But if you understood this, you would understand how your self, as a person, is a type of the great Prophet. And G-d has not sent us leaders that we can't follow. Because the leader that he has sent represent what is inherent in us, or inborn, or innate in us.  So, Prophet represents the consistency, the logic that connects them all--also it is in us."IWDM (THE GROWTH OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS)


rhali786 said...

This to me sounds like a comment to the self significance. Also rings to the concept of the meaning of prohpethood, which I don't have fully defined for myself yet.

thelegacymaker said...


Anonymous said...

ASA, Could you state the date and location of this talk by Imam Mohammed. I believe I have a draft copy of the same or similar talk, by the same title, the Imam gave between 1981 and 1989. Also, is there more to what you have posted? What i have is much longer.

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