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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Imam W. D. Mohammed
2003 Annual Islamic Convention – (excerpt)
Jumah  8-29-03
Chicago ,  IL
CARRYING THE LOGIC TO IT’S LOGICAL CONCLUSION.   Should Not WE Plan Our Life in these United Sates of America?  Where We’re living, among, mostly Christians, Non Muslims.  Our Neighbor most likely, will be, a   Christian.   Should Not WE Plan Our Life, so that Our Life, not only,  contribute to Our, well being and Good future.  But, also to Their,  well being?!  And, Their Good future?!   Since, G-d has told Us, that Mohammad, is a Mercy, to all the worlds.  Rahama til ala-meen.  And, He has also told us, that WE are to give to the needy!   To the poor!  To the suffering!   And, that WE are to give to Those Who  Ask,  and, also to Those Who, Don’t Ask.   
Thank You, very much.  I think You are with me.  
And, That’s what WE have to do.  Let’s, Plan OUR Future in the, United States of America.  So, that WE ESTABLISH A MODEL.  In this, New, part of the world.  WE ESTABLISH A MODEL that all Muslims Will Be Happy With.  That All Muslims will be HAPPY WITH.  And, if WE can ESTABLISH it here, in Quote, the Wilderness of North America, end Quote, it will be Seen By The Whole World.
So, WE ask Allah to help, us.  Befriend us always, Our Lord.  And, give us Mercy.  For without Your Mercy we will not have Guidance.  We ask You to help us win Your Friendship. Not, the friendship of the world. But, to win Your Friendship.  And, to help us keep it. And, to give us in this life, Good, and, in the next Good.  And, to save us from the punishment of the fire. (Prayer) Raba na atin na fiduna has na ta  wa  kil at ti has san a tan wak I na   ah tha bin naah. 


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