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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Man's Shared Freedom Space

"Seek instead, by means of what God has granted thee, [the good of] the life to come, without forget­ting, withal, thine own [rightful] share in this world..." (Holy Qur'an 28:77)

Imam Mohammed said, " Those who use their freedom are strong enough to respect what's important. People avoiding their RESPONSIBILITY cannot be FREE. Freedom is the reward for hard work."

The term "shared freedom space" has a direct reference in the Qur'an. Allah says to seek the afterlife with your means and wealth, but do not forget (uphold your responsibility) to your SHARE in this world.

As Imam noted, the concept of freedom implies responsibility. Freedom is not to just be "free" in the sense that you can do whatever you want, when you want, how you want. That is insanity, not freedom. Even the creation that exhibits aspects of freedom has limits and responsibilities associated with that freedom.

AND HE it is who has given freedom of movement to the two great bodies of water the one sweet and thirst-allaying, and the other salty and bitter - and yet has wrought between them a barrier and a forbidding ban. (Holy Qur'an 25:53)

The suffix "-dom" means a "state of being" or a "place". So Free-dom is a state of being or a place where people are from what? Free from OPPRESSIVE RULE.

People who are already "free" do not desire freedom. Freedom is desired when people are being controlled or oppressed. But freedom is not devoid of Moral Law and Responsibility. Freedom space cannot be shared accept in dignity. Each person in that freedom space must know the value of their own self-worth.

Man's shared freedom space has another direct reference to community. Community life must operate under freedom and responsibility to your "shared" space. This was the example of the Prophet's (saw) Ummah and this is what we should seek if we choose to establish Islamic life in America.


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