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Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Wisdom - 7/31

RAMADHAN SESSION 2004, pg. 70-71 of 75
Imam Warith Deen Mohammed

Sub-title: Quran 2.36: Get down from here
..."Concluding this, there were no people on earth and G_d said to the angels, "I'm about making khalifa in the earth. And when I have formed him you make your sajdah to him." You know we make sajda to G_d, don't we? Sajdah to Allah swt saying that He revealed His plan for the human family to the angels and He told the angels, "When I have made him, the father of the human family, the leader of the human family, the guide for the human family, when I have made him you angels do sajdah to him."

Then G_d questioned Iblis and those who refused asking, "What is the matter with you, what come into you? I didn't form you like that . I formed neither man nor jinn for any purpose except My worship. Now what has gotten you outside of what I created for you that has given you this mind to reject what I planned and to refuse to make sajdah to the man I created with My two hands? That is what G_d said.

Get you down from here, this is no place for you, get into the earth. Go back to the material realm, go back to the objective world. Get out of this heaven of spiritual existence and spiritual mind. Get out from here into the earth where you will have a chance to be organized again and be raised up, and you are going to die.

Sub-Title: The first sajdah is symbolic of your intelligence extracted from the earth.
...You will be put into the erth again but I promise a resurrection. So we do sajda with the head once and with the head twice. G_d puts us in the earth and if we're blessed to have His help we will come out of the earth. But what is coming out of the earth? Your intelligence. He put your intelligence in the earth, you bring it out, raise it up to a sitting position now he has set you up on your throne.


...Don't forget the connection we are making. We are making connection with the biological life, with the material life, with the spiritual life and we're bringing the sciences from the material body to the spiritual life so that we can understand G_d's communication, praise be to Allah swt." IWDM RS 2004 pg.71 of 75.


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