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Monday, July 20, 2009

Fitrah- definition from Imam Ben Bilal

ف - mouth; expression; opening
ط - goodness (as a potential)
ر - movement of subconscious

الفطرة - Fitrah - the opening of the potential goodness of the subconscious


Davi said...


This is short but poinient. I'm developing an essay about my thoughts on Fitra and this post seems like it's out in the same left field as me. Where do these letter correspondenses come from? Is there a complete list you can reference?

thelegacymaker said...

The Imam who defines the letters studies the etymology of words and letters from many different languages. I don't think he has released a list of his personal definitions for each letter but most of his definitions are actually in line with the etymology provided by wikipedia! I'll keep you posted, inshAllah, if i can provide you with more.

By the way, its not left field at all...its actually right

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