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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why I prefer YRAC... or

10. I can find ALL my Muslim friends on YRAC.

9. YRAC was created, designed, and run by Muslims that are my age (this means that they know what I want in a social networking site).

8. YRAC has its own Journalists! Great articles from writers like Nadirah Angail and Mecca Donna.

7. YOU R A CREATOR (YRAC) Supports, And Is Proud to Partner With "Muslim Journal"!

6. I can find out about local and national Muslim events in my own community.

5. I can give Sadaqah on YRAC through PayPal.

4. Every Friday at 2pm, I can watch Jummah prayer LIVE on YRAC!

YRAC Muslim City Groups3. I can discuss and have conversation about even the most taboo Islamic topics through blogs, discussion forums, and interest groups on YRAC (and of course those topics are not representative of views by YRAC).

2.. I feel most connected with Muslim cultural expression through YRAC then any other website.

1. ...because its more than just a's a Movement.

YRAC: the #1 networking site of thelegacymaker


Anonymous said...

This is Great! YOU R A CREATOR (YRAC) is real personable and progressive. Stay with the Muslim Community and be apart of the growth!

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