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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Rants....once again

1. Can we PLEASE show a greater interest in supporting our Islamic Schools?!  We know some of you out there are "products" of public schools and "turned out just fine", but the reality of the situation is do you plan to invest in your child's future?  Let's try an Islamic environment.  And if you can't bring yourself to enrolling your least support the schools in other ways.  Got criticism???  Turn it into positive, productive energy.

2.  In December 2004, Robina Niaz founded Turning Point for Women and Families and serves as its Executive Director.  This organization is the only non-for-profit that provides help specifically to Muslim women and families involved in Domestic Violence.  Please consider giving your Zakat to this organization. It would go directly to helping victoms of Domestic Violence.

3. Ok, you ready to face the issue upfront?  This is a MUST READ article: Saudi King Says, "Make us proud boy"

4. N.O.I Minister Larry 4X Prescott (aka Akbar Muhammad), Convention Speaker For MANA, Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud. (Not that I agree with Bro. Abdur-Rahman's views...but interesting nonetheless.)

5. Is it wrong that I find Ahmadinejad pretty funny?  That boy does not care about being politically correct. I'm sure his advisors are doing their best to try to smooth over his views and comments. And apparently, screening/filtering takes place across languages too.

6. Enough politics...who's going to see Wolverine May1st?


8.Can it get warm please....ya Allah.  I'm ready to play some ball outside!

9.  A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. PhD Extraordinaire for getting guessed it...Ph.D! 

10. A nice Khutbah....listen to it in its entirety:


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