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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Imam Darnell Karim

Imam Darnell Karim, lifelong friend and classmate of Imam W. D. Mohammed had a heart attack yesterday while he was giving the Jumah Salat. He is in the hospital in stable condition

Please keep him in your prayers


thelegacymaker said...

RE: Update on Imam Darnell Karim

The Family of Imam Darnell Karim would like to thank you all for your calls, concern and prayers.

As a result of emergency surgery (Angioplasty) for clogged artery, he is stable and his condition has improved. A second surgery is expected to be done on Monday, April 6, and this will complete the procedure. He is resting comfortably and is expected to recover soon.

For further information call: 708-802-2056

Cards can be sent to:
P.O. Box 505
Park Forest, IL 60466

Further updates will be forthcoming (per the family's directive)
Thank you and we ask that you continue to make dua for Imam and his family.

Anonymous said...

Ya Shaafi! May our imam recover from his ailments. Ameen.

sultana said...

I am looking to purchase the CD that Imam Karim made on the meaning of the positions of prayer.

thelegacymaker said...

i dont know if I can really help. But if you come across the CD I would like to get it as well.

Abdullah Salahuddin said...

We can never thank Allah (swat) for the great foundation our community possess in Believers as our Imam Darnell Karim and his blessed family . Inshallah it is my intention to support my Ummat in the manner it deserves. I appeal to All Believers to plan to be at the Ramadan Session in September . I am working with other cities to bring as large a group as humanly possible . I set out a righteous challenge 100 from our area . This will make our Brother feel uplifted with with a great energy . Lets answer the Call Allah U Akbar Your Brother in this blessed Community Salahuddin . Sacramento, California

Anonymous said...

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