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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Imam Ali Khan of DC dies from heart attack this morning

From Ayesha K Mustafaa...

I know this is shocking news, after seeing Imam Ali Khan all weekend coordinating various parts of the National Imams Meeting.

We got word that he was killed in a car accident in DC this morning; he blanked out behind the wheel; he had a niece in the car with him and she is reported to be okay (alive; condition not confirmed).

Surely, our time of death is only with Allah, for Ali was the epitome of life all weekend. He made sure I had full accommodations as Editor of the Muslim Journal, with a superb room and meals.

We pray for his family, his wife Ophelia, Daughter Ebony who performed at Muslim Journal's last Awards Dinner this past December, his son Imam Rahman Khan who also was at the Imams Meeting and his son in Atlanta (don't have name) and others in his family.

I hear that his janazah probably will be this Friday. More as we find out more.

As Salaam Alaikum,
Ayesha K Mustafaa
Muslim Journal Editor

*Please refer to corrections, below


thelegacymaker said...

The Janazah will be on Friday at 9:00 AM at Masjid Muhammad

thelegacymaker said...

These are a few corrections. It was confirmed by the doctors that Imam Ali Khan did have a heart attack and then the car accident. They said that they were never able to revive him.

The janazah will be Friday April 17,2009 at 9 am at Masjid Muhammad, 1519 4th Street NW Wash. DC. Please ask the Believers to make Du'as.

The oldest son's name is Aaron. His granddaughter has a sprain and is ok.

Ophelia Khan
wife of Imam Ali Khan

Anonymous said...

It was not his neice it was his grandaughter. Tiwana Khan & she is fine. She only suffered minor injuries. He had a massive heart attack. He was NOT killed. Allah SWT took him back.
Please do not report things if you do not have the proper information.

thelegacymaker said...


First, thank you for the clarification. You may have missed the comments section of this post, but I followed up with those corrections as noted by Ophelia Khan. I do have the proper information.

This post was sent in an email from Ayesha K Mustafaa (as I noted above), so the information that was initially reported was from HER, not ME. I took the liberty of sharing this information because I trust Sis. Ayesha (as she has proven her trust in reporting news for over 30 years). However, sometimes mistakes are made. So with that, we ask Allah for forgiveness. And we ask that Allah forgive Imam Ali's sins and grant him a place in paradise along side the most sincere and righteous believers.

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