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Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Wisdom - 3/27

"...That is how religion is in this world. As soon as something bad comes into their nose or senses, they lose the good relationship or good experience in religion. It should not be that way. Your mind should be converted to G-d. Islam is the only religion that I know of that insists upon your mind being converted to G-d.

We say, 'I witness.' 'I witness' is given also in the Bible. But it was not established by the followers of the Bible, except for a few. Muhammed the Prophet came to say it is important that your mind and your intelligence convert to G-d-not just your spirit and your soul. Your mind and your intelligence should witness this Truth, that G-d is Creator of everything. G-d is G-d, and G-d has lifted up man - not only created him, but lifted him up in his intellect so that he will be a guide for the whole world of mankind...

...So when you say, "I witness that there is but One G-d," you are supposed to say that with rational sense. And there is plenty rational guidance in the Qur'an that forces us to the conclusion that there is a G-d over all this creation. And that that G-d is not two or three or four or many, that that G-d is One. The creation itself points to One G-d, not to more than one."

-Imam W. D. Mohammed


amirah. said...


love the look to the blog bro :-)

thelegacymaker said...

glad you like it...its a work in progress

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