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Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Wisdom - 2/6

We definitely revealed to Moses that: travel with my slaves and
strike a dry path in the sea for them, not having any kinds of fears
for achieving. Qur'an 20:77.

The form of travel that Allah instructs for Moses is of the nature of
ascension and progression. To raise the thinking of the people that
Allah is referring to as His Slaves. They are not the slaves of
Pharaoh or any man for that matter. This in itself initiates elevated
thinking when we know our good life and works are for Allah The Most
High. We have to give up the small thinking that was inherited from
human slavery.

An enhancement of diminutive thought is too much sentiment,
sensitivity or sensation in the emotions of faith. Additionally, the
literal readings of scripture will promote short sightedness. So, we
have to strike a dry path of rational and sound attitudes in
reflection and submission to scripture and religion. Subsequently, it
becomes imperative that we follow the path of logic to its conclusion
that we may reach the destiny.

Do not allow any form of fear to come into your being of not
fulfilling the intended goal. We sometimes marvel at the works and
accomplishments of others not knowing that we too can produce similar
endeavors or even better.

Surely Allah knows better, and He has given us a little of what He

Imam Salim MuMin


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