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Sunday, January 11, 2009

On Gaza...

I have been prolonging this post for a while now.  Like Imam Zaid Shakir, I am a lost for words, so I will use his...
Searching for Words
By Imam Zaid on 07 January 2009
Category: Messages
As I pen these words, the people of Gaza are suffering a terrible fate. We pray that God brings them relief and replaces their state of insecurity and war with one of security and peace. As of yet, I have not found the words to write anything meaningful and intelligible about the situation. Perhaps, in the coming days, after I have returned from the current trip that has entered its third week, and I am in a more stable situation, personally, I can begin to make some sense of it all.

In the meantime, the words are missing. What can one say after everything has been said before? How many more tears can be shed after the tears have run dry? How many more protests can be undertaken when that being protested has been protested against, time and time again? How many more outrages can be condemned when each succeeding act becomes more outrageous than that preceding it?

In the void that ensues when words are absent, there is only confusion. The confusion of the powerless, who are left to wonder from where they will find the strength to yet again patch together the shattered remnants of a life turned upside down, for the umpteenth time; the confusion of the living, left to mournfully bury their dead, and to care for the maimed, when such scant resources are available to meet the needs of those who are whole. Yet through their confusion, they are strong, and they will find a way. They are dignified and ask not for pity. Perhaps they possess clarity.

Perhaps the greatest confusion is the confusion of the dead. This confusion includes both those who have physically expired, who are left to ask a question so poignantly posed in the Qur’an in the context of the female child buried alive, and hauntingly appropriate for all of the children who have been buried under the bomb-bequeathed rubble of Gaza: For what sin has she been killed? (Qur’an 81:8-9)

It also includes the living dead, the hollow people who have sold their souls to an even more hollow cause. Their ranks include the powerful. The confusion of the powerful is oftentimes rooted in their failure to see beyond their delusions to grasp the intensity of the suffering of those bearing the awful brunt of the consequences of their decisions. They are the prisoners of stale rhetoric that essentializes a meaningless existence; an existence rationalized through its loss of touch with reality, the drunken sailors on a ship being steered irreversibly towards wreckage. Would that they fain accept it is Satan who is at the helm!

When the smoke has cleared, some of them will claim victory. However, such a claim will only be an affirmation of their delusion. Despite their pretenses of power, they are truly weak. They are pathetic. It is they who should be pitied.


Anonymous said...

Its hard to conceptualize the words, thoughts and idea's regarding this massacre. The only emotion is anger. The killing of any human being is hard to make sense of, but innocent women and children is unjustified. I was watching CNN and I hear this report from a 17 year old Palestine girl that was telling the story of how her husband, mother in law and father died. She stated that Israeli soldiers came into her home and ordered everyone to leave and take refuge in the house directly across the street. There was about 15 family members in the home at the time. The young girl stated that everyone ran from the home with just the clothing on their backs. Once inside the new home all the young girl heard was bombs dropping from above. The house was under fire. When the smoke cleared 3 people where died and many injured. The girl was shocked and in disbelief. She and other family members were sent by Israeli soldiers into a trap. After calling for help emergency personal was not allowed past the check point until 2 days later. By then the young women husband had died in her arms. I truly feel sad for the families involved and pray for the Israeli's because their day will come.

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