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Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekly Wisdom - 12/5 10th Day of HAJJ

Imam WD Mohammed; 10th Day of HAJJ

Lamb without spot was Ismail, Jesus and Mohammed
Quran 37.102. was recited.

"It is the day of sacrifice it is the 10th day of the Hajj, on this day we sacrifice whatever you can afford, poor may sacrifice a chicken or something smaller that is halal, fit to eat. Those who have more money will sacrifice a cow and a sheep. The sheep is the symbol associated with Abraham because it was his son. Because of his son Ismail being the son that he thought he should sacrifice. He saw in a vision that he should sacrifice him, but G'd showed him when he was about to sacrifice him, He showed him a sheep, a lamb instead of Ismail.

Lamb symbolic of Prophets, wise, pious people in religion.

So Abraham, the father was shown in a vision by G'd a lamb not his son Ismail, he was to see a lamb. The lamb was to be slaughtered, not Ismail but his son is symbolic of the lamb without spot or blemish a lamb pure, untainted, unspoiled by the world. That is symbolic also of Jesus Christ as you know he was called a lamb and before him we talk about Ismail as the lamb. And Mohammed the Prophet (saw) in his nature was also a lamb without spot or blemish before he was even called by G'd.

The 10th day we sacrifice whatever we can afford to sacrifice but it is a sacrifice of life isn't it? It is a living thing that you are sacrificing, and there was an ancient philosopher he said" In man can be found all the creatures of the earth." So he said this long before people brought us the teachings on these things in religion, this is in myth or in Greek philosophy. We don't sacrifice inferior or something offensive to good human taste, you can't sacrifice a coon it won't be accepted. What does sacrifice mean? It deceives us, what is happening it appears that you are getting rid of this thing, but you did not get rid of it, you made it more tasty and then you consumed it, you put it in yourself. So it is symbolic of what is in ourselves, but what is not quite ready for G'd, it is not quite good enough for G'd.

A sheep nature in a man is not quite good enough for G'd, but if you could take that social nature in man, that spiritual also, the lamb goes up on the mountain and the lamb can stand on a little edge, it is sure footed, it has great balance. It is not the real lamb, it is symbolic of the social nature of the wise and pious people in religion. Those who have the knowledge of not only spiritual science but they have the knowledge of the spiritual sciences that help us free the social life for it's destiny that G'd wants for it. These are great pious men of science and they are called the sheep in the scriptures. So these are great pious men of science and they are called sheep and Ismail was going to be that kind of leader and Abraham was a rational man he doesn't like to have secrets and mysteries"

"So Abraham wanted liberal education for the people he didn't want the knowledge to be held by people who were mystics who kept it secrete for their elects, so he wanted to break that order. So Abraham broke from that order, and that is the meaning of slaying the lamb and feeding it to the multitudes. He broke from that order and gave the keys to their sciences to the multitudes..".


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