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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 4th Reflections

What an amazing moment. What a great time in history.

A few interesting comments from people, read each comment carefully and feel the wisdom and joy expressed in each:

---"With the permission of Allah (SWT), we now have an African American
President! Truly Allah keeps his promise to right the wrongs done to the
least of His creation. Let us also remember, as I am sure we all do, the
transformational leader The Honorable Imam W. Deen Mohammed (may the mercy
of Allah be upon him). It was Imam Mohammed who brought to our attention
years ago, the special qualities of Mr. Obama, now President Elect Barack
Obama. The Imam correctly predicted that Barack Obama represented a new
spirit in the life of the African American people. Moreover, this spirit
would embody the best of the original nature created by the Lord Of All The

Brothers and Sisters, Imam Mohammed correctly instructed us to look at
Barack Obama as a model that should be emulated. Now I know that some
Muslims may say, "Muhammed the Prophet is our model of excellence." And they
would be correct! However, the tafsir of Imam Mohammed informs us that
Muhammed the Prophet represents the best of the human nature that G-d
created. Therefore, following this logic, to the extent that any of us
represent the attributes of excellence, then we are representative models of
Muhammed the Prophet (saw).

Simply put, when we exhibit excellence of character, intellect, moral
uprightness, dignity and decency, to that extent, we are models of the
nature embodied by Muhammed the Prophet. In addition, didn't the Quran
instruct us to take the best thereof?

The point being made here is...Imam Mohammed wanted us to come into a
perception of a new paradigm about self in this land called America. Barack
Obama is a sign to all of the world, that we all are capable of greatness of
service to ourselves and to others if we work hard and keep G-d first."

---"Yeah Right, If.........and I say IF, I even show up to work tomorrow, I already downloaded what I will be bumping in front of the office doors as I get there for the first time Ever 20 minutes early. The Muhammad Ali ringside interview when he said "I Shook up the World, (interviewer tries to get a word in) I Shook up the World (interviewer tries to get a word in) I'm a Baaad Maaan, (interviewer tries to get a word in) I Shook Up The World, If G'ds with me nobody can be against me, I Shook Up the World". I'm looping that as we speak, anybody want me to send it to them, just hit me."

---"...let's go help Bush move his stuff out so Obama and the fam can move in!!"

---"I write this brief reflection to celebrate our countries milestone and to emphasize the great challenge and obligation that faces us as Muslim Americans. I am acutely aware of the historical significance that this moment represents as we celebrate the victory of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. As a descendant of African slaves, native people, and white immigrants, I imagine the volunteers of the 54th Massachusetts regiment and the articulate and fearless voices of Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Dubois, Malcolm X, and Dr. King and I see a most dynamic and fertile space for Al-Islam in America. I imagine that this must be the greatest space to exert our presence, vision, and identity as Muslims in a society that is free. In saying goodbye to an Imam that called us to be proud Americans and love America because we can be emphatically Muslim in this place and time, I am also gratified to be a part of a community that recognizes this moment and is engaging in unique work that will forge a way forward for us as Muslims leading the way through humble service advocating for high principles. And if we were silent or reluctant in some circles about our American-ness and in other circles about our Islam, nothing serves as a greater sign that we need not be. None of the issues that we are working on has abated because of this historic moment, in fact they may only have become more complicated. If anything, we must now work more passionately and feverishly on our mission and vision as Muslims in America. In reflecting on the rapid advance of American history, on four separate occasions President Abraham Lincoln publicly pronounced that it was the valiant and fierce fighting of Negro volunteer soldiers in the Civil war, the country's bloodiest battle, that made this country the United States. That is our it was the role of the Muslims in the ciy of Madina.... "you were enemies and he joined your hearts in love so that by His grace you became brothers...and you were on the brink of the pit of fire and he saved you from it". The mantle of such leadership is the unique provenance of those of the most stubborn faith. And who should be more inspired and emboldened by this than those who follow the last Messenger (s) whose advent continues to signal dignity, unity, and faith...... freedom, justice, and equality..? wasalam alaykum wa rahmatullah."

---"My thoughts on Obama and the issue of race on Illume Magazine’s site can be read here." -(Dawud Walid)

---"I really never thought it would happen in my lifetime or my daughter's either. I felt like this country was too steeped in racism, ignorance and greed. I didn't believe it could happen when Obama announced his candidacy. I didn't believe it would happen when he started to gain momentum in the primaries. I didn't believe it could happen when he won the primaries. I hoped and wished but didn't even believe it would happen as I cast my vote for him early Tuesday morning. Now faced with the reality of his election as the next President of the United States i still find it hard to believe..."


---"Why am I good enough to see this occur, while so many who struggled to pave the way weren't here to see the fruits of their labor?

---"And which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?"


amirah: the uncool said...

This was a beautiful entry. I know that the Imam [may peace be upon him] is soooo happy that this occured. Unfortunately Allah [SWT] took him from this Earth before he can witness it but I know he's smiling on us among the righteous. History is beautiful. You don't really feel the effect of it until you experience something of great importance, but it's beautiful. How we evolve as a people. We are all truly blessed...if people didn't see it before, I think that they see it now.

Congrats to Barack Obama, our 44th president!
It's still so surreal to magical yet so real.

Allahu Akbar! There is no one greater.


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Here is the working link -

thelegacymaker said...

Sorry...thanks for the correction.

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