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Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Wisdom - 10/17 : A Healthy Patriotism

The following are excerpts from the lecture entitled: A Healthy Patriotism by Imam W. D. Mohammed. I encourage you to read the whole article here. (...and of course the highlighting and emphasis is my own)

A Healthy Patriotism

By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave this public address at The Mosque Cares First Sunday Series on July 4, 2004, at the Ramada Inn in Homewood, IL)

Democrat vs. Republican

"...Think about the parties. The symbol of one is a donkey, a dumb ass - speaking from the dictionary, and I want to be sure you've gotten the full meaning. The other's symbol is an elephant, a big, huge, massive creature, whose nose is very unique. You can't find any living creature with a nose like that. He can give himself a shower with his nose. He can eat something as small as a peanut, picking it up with his nose and putting it in his mouth. And he can take that nose and tighten the muscle up in it and push down a building like a bulldozer. That nose is unique.

The only thing I've found that seems to warrant the attention and admiration like his nose is his equilibrium. With all of that massive weight, he can walk across something no more than two inches wide, if it is strong enough to hold him. He can get upon it and walk on a little small edge. Not only can he walk it, he also can balance himself on one foot, raising all of that huge thousands of pounds of weight - raising himself up and standing on one foot. That is the symbol for the Republican Party, a big massive creature. I can't identify with either party. I don't have enough money to buy an elephant, and I don't want a donkey..."

[My Note: the donkey has a head that is too big for its body...]

The Constitution is like an organism

"....So the idea that the South imposed upon the whole country and made us suffer under
it was really unconstitutional at the very beginning. They shouldn't have amended anything. The amending was done, so that history would be continuous and not lost. That was the only reason why it was necessary to make amendments.

The body of the Constitution, itself, is like an organism. You couldn't take away from what was there, but it can grow. It can grow from the idea that was given to us by the Founding Fathers and from there it grew according to our needs or what we would permit or allow or not allow. As we look back at it, we may see that one part is not acceptable anymore. But you don't cut it off, you just amend it. The language of the Founding Fathers is clear and complete enough for them not to have done what they did to us..."

A Muslim Patriot of the USA

"...The Arabs were reading the Qur'an and reading it right about G-d. We had the Qur'an, too, but we were saying "G-d was Mr. W. D. Fard in the human flesh." The Arabs knew the Prophet who got the revelation, and they were acknowledging the right Prophet, Muhammed the Prophet of Arabia. We were saying that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was the messenger of G-d. And we weren't interested but for just a little bit in Muhammed of Arabia, whom the Qur'an was revealed to.

But we had good intentions, and our religion was sincere. And we wanted to be all the way straight, not part of the way. We were acknowledging Him before great America and taking the risk of living our different life here in the face of great America. They were coming in from Muslim countries changing their names to Robi, Jack, Sam, Tobi, ashamed to come out. This country didn't say you couldn't have your religion in this country, but they weren't coming out in the open with their religion. They were keeping it as quiet as they could.

Now the same G-d that I just described sees these poor descendents of slaves, how they were treated and how they wanted to be treated, and He sees in their hearts how they really wanted to be upright and on the right path for G-d. And they are speaking a language that G-d can't accept. So G-d says, "I'll take care of them. I'll teach them Myself. They are going to learn the Qur'an, and they won't learn it from the Arabs. I am going to inspire them, and they are going to learn it from My Inspiration. One day, I am going to favor them over the rest."

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said that day was coming, and the day is here. The Muslims that Allah is with are not those Muslims over there. It is the Muslims in the United States of America, and they were here while others were mum and afraid to speak. This is Independence Day, and I am inviting you to come to my meaning of Patriotism and walk these streets and know that they belong to you as much as they belong to any man. And see your future in this country, and believe that the world is open to you as much as it is open to any man. Go on and build a great life for yourself, as much as any man in the United States of America. Thank you, Peace be unto you As-Salaam-Alaikum.


amirah: the uncool said...


I haven't commented on your blog in a

This was such a strong address. I remember when I was registering to vote in high school and I was debating on what party I wanted to be affiliated with. My parents are Democrats, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to be one because there are things that I like about the Dems and there are some things that I liked about the Repubs...but I decided to just register as a Dem.

It's so funny yet kinda true about the idea of the animal symbols of the parties, how Democrats are looked at as uneducated and poor, while a lot of Republicans are rich, educated and known as being noble people.

and the elephant's nose...interesting.
and the donkey's head...very interesting.

We have an obligation not only as Muslims but as beings to exercise our right to be politically aware of our government because it has a lot to do with our lives and how we can live them. And we as Muslims shouldn't be afraid to be ourselves, especially since this country was founded on the basis of religious freedom.

I could ramble on but I'll just stop right there.
May Allah bless the Imam for his dedication to the betterment of our community.


thelegacymaker said...


Yes, Imam makes some great points in this piece.

Let's look further at the donkey. We know the donkey/democrat (since this is their symbol we can use their name interchangeably) to be a jackass. A male donkey is called a jack (a female=jenny) and "ass" is derived from its scientific name: thus we have "jackass".

But the other meaning for this word is one who is a foolish or stupid person. And what does Allah say in the Qur'an about the beasts/jackass:

8:22 For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are the deaf and the dumb,- those who understand not.

The word comes from the opponents of Democrat Andrew Jackson who called him a jackass (a donkey), and Jackson decided to use the image of the strong-willed animal on his campaign posters.

NOW the Elephant/Republican:

Allah says in the Qur'an:

68:16 Soon shall We brand (the beast) on the snout!

meaning...We will make his matter clear and evident so that they will know him and he will not be hidden from them, just as the branding mark on the snouts (of animals). [-from]

What does that say about the Elephant/Republican party? They make no efforts to hide or conceal their motives. The nose is a symbol of prying or meddling curiosity or interference [Merriam-Webster]. The Elephant/Republican is obviously in support of POWER and money and his NOSE/Intentions is very clear.

Ima stop here for this becomes another post! Thanks for your comments amirah.

The Ghazzali Blogger said...

This is actually the 1st tiem I have read (or seen/heard) any excerpt of Imam W.D. Muhammed (may Allah bless him and have mercy on him). I usually listen to Malik El Shabbaz or Imam Siraj but I never got the chance to come by the works of Imam W.D.

So thank you for this

thelegacymaker said...

your welcome,

Feel free to click on the tag: Imam W. D. Mohammed to check out the other posts tagged with his name.

Shukran for stopping by.

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