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Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly Wisdom - 10/31: Audible Salat

Quote from IWDM's Ramadan Session 11-16-2003 Pg 7 of 31

"The night here represents the night of ignorance that the oppressors put over on the world, it is the night that they bring about, ignorance or the darkness. And at that time the spiritual people are made to be just spiritual and when you are all spiritual and not rational enough you are not at work in the world. And when you are not at work in the world that state of spirituality is like sleep. It is that time we are suppose to speak out and be heard, and when we are in the light of the knowledge we dont have to be shouting or speaking out any more, we are at work.

...The day the prayer is not to be audible except when there is an awakening, a new birth or on Eid days that represent an awakening, a new birth and on Jumah time because we should never sleep we should always meet and educate our community and that is the time of Jumah when we do it, Jumah is for that."


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