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Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly Wisdom - 10/10

Printed from Imam Mohammed Speaks From Harlem (1984) and Challenges That Face Man Today (1985)... if they say that they taught me, tell them to come here and prove it. Any man or any group of people that can claim that they taught me, tell them to come in here and prove it!. I want to meet them before you. Prove it! You don't even know what I know, how can you be the teacher of me!


...Dear Beloed People, we have to concentrate on building the community. To build a community, we have to have, what they call in this religion, FIQH. There were great leaders who established for their ability to teach Fiqh--Hanbali, Sha'afi, the great Imams. They were established for their ability to teach Fiqh, Maliki in Africa, yes. Those men are still honored even today. They are not Prophets, no. They were followers of the Prophet. But did G-d guide them? Yes He did! They were guided men just as the Khalifahs, the Rashidoon, the Rightly Guided Khalifahs. They were also guided. They weren't blessed to be companions of the Prophet, but they were guided by G-d into Fiqh.

...What is Figh, Brother Imam? This is knowledge for sure! "Aynal Yaqeen". It is knowledge for sure. It is insight into the nature of knowledge! Where you know the purpose of it. You know the basis for it, you know the discipline for it. You know it in its totality. All that you don't know is how G-d did it from the very beginning. So even the best in knowledge has a base in Faith. Yes! Once you don't have any base in faith, you are not a Muslim. Once you don't have any base in faith, you are not a Muslim, you are not a Jew, you are not a Christian!


...Now, before I could see how to do it, G-d had blessed me with the spirit to know it would come. And I told you a long time ago that they had schools over there, and we are going to have another school.

We are going to have a school over here in the new world. They will have to add another Imam in time. And if you put me down for Hanifi, Sha'afi, Hambali, Malike, or some other, you are a fool! Because they had that and they couldn't make you feel at home in the Masjid. They couldn't put your feet on solid ground. They couldn't rest your fears. But you who have followed me to this day and are true believers, you have a sense of security. You have a sense of well-being. You have a sense of dignity and quality and worth. You are not worried about black-white issues any more. It doesn't matter to you whether Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was white, black, brown, yellow, or green. You are a human man for the first time in your life. ...

...Now, getting back to Fiqh. I had a strong faith and belief that G-d would bless us through me, to come into a knowledge that would establish us. I never felt that we were going to have to say, "Okay, we've gone as far as we can go now. Next, send to Egypt or Azhar and ask them to give us somebody over here to lead us further. This is as far as we can go." I never felt that. I never felt that brothers and sisters. And you who have come in the same spirit that I have come in, you have never felt that. I didn't know how we were going to do it. I hadn't yet seen how to do it. But I had a firm belief that this is going to be done by us. That's the blessing of G-d.


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