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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Minority Scientists Endorsing Senators Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden

...I think ALL scientists should endorse Obama and Biden given that their platform seems more suitable for the future of science than McCain's. Below the chart is an email that I received from a group of Minority Scientists.

This chart is from Popular Mechanics. The checks represent proposals released by the candidate at the time this was taken.

Click around for proposals Auto Digital/
Environment Infrastructure Science/
Obama has policy has policy has policy has policy has policy has policy has policy
McCain has policy has policy has policy

Obama and Biden plan to Double over a 10 year period the federal investment in basic research. (That means I get paid in the future.) Check out the their plan for science HERE.

The Email:

Dear Coll

The most significant election in the last fifty years is fast approaching: Americans will make the all-important decision to elect the next President of the United States.
An ad hoc group, mainly of scientists of color, concerned with both science and equity decided to make a statement detailing the issues that directed our decision to endorse Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

We would appreciate it if you would endorse the statement (below) so that we can present it to the public. We will publicize this statement of support.

Our plan is to distribute this email to more than eight hundred scientists of color, ask them to endorse the statement below at the following website Please help us to distribute this email as well.

We will publicize the results before the election. Your email information will be kept confidential.

We believe Senator Obama is the candidate for President who best represents the interests of the scientific community, scientists of color, and the United States of America.

We also believe that it is important for Scientists of color to step up and declare our support for his candidacy and policies publicly and right now -- before the election.

Please forward this email to as many of your Minority Scientist friends and colleagues as you can.

The Barack Obama/ Joe Biden Science Policy committee advised us that they produced a web site called "A Vote for Science" ( which collects brief video statements of scientists who wish to endorse Obama. We encourage you to participate in this project. We also encourage you to submit your own op-ed pieces and letters to the editor especially if you live in battleground states.

Thank you
Morales, Jose F., PhD
Associate Research Scientist, Joint Center for Systems Biology, Columbia University,

Dottin, Robert, PhD
Professor of Biology Hunter College of the City University of New York,

Gadea, Bedrick, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Chamany, Katayoun, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology, The New School for Liberal Arts

Alderete, John, PhD
Associate Vice Provost for Research, Professor, School of Molecular Biosciences, Director, Center for Integrated Biotechnology, Washington State University

Gemeda, Mekbib
Assistant Dean for Diversity Affairs and Community Health, Associate Director, NYU Institute for Community Health and Research, NYU School of Medicine


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