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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Towards A Framework For The National Stability Of The Followers Of The Leadership Of Imam W. D. Mohammed (Rahim Allahu Alaihi)‏

From Imam Faheem Shuaibe...


The purpose of the attached paper and Powerpoint presentation is as stated in the title. It is intended for anyone who sees benefit in it for "The Stability Of The followers Of The Leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed (Rahim Muslimu Alaihi)".

It is intended as an act of citizenship by a citizen in the association of those who follow "The Leadership Of Imam W. D. Mohammed".

"The Leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed" should be seen as the term Khalifah is to be understood in the Qur'anic statement "I am making a Khalifah in the earth" as explained by Imam Mohammed in his Ramadan 2006 Session. The true meaning of "Khalifah" is exactly reflected in the difference between the terms "Leader" and "Leadership". When you talk about one man you call them the "Leader". But when we talk about what he brings to his followers we say it is his "Leadership". Likewise, "The Khalif" is one man but the "Khalifah/Khalifate" is not one man it is an "Order". Thus Imam Mohammed as one man was "The Leader". But Imam Mohammed's leadership is not and was not one man. Imam Mohammed's Leadership, did not and does not represent one man nor can it be represented by one man. It represents a moral, spiritual, ethical and intellectual order which provides the worldview and guides the actions and practices of those who follow it.

This draft primer is solely to provide concepts for consideration to anyone who receives it during this time of tremendous change in the body of people associated with The Leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed.

Respectfully Submitted,

faheem shuaibe


thelegacymaker said...



Imam Faheem Shuaibe,

Ramadan Mubaarak,

I'm pleased to inform you that per Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Instructions to me in June of this year in Chicago, he said " Yahya if anything should happen to me this community will remain as I have set it up. The Masjids will remain autonomous and no one will be over anyone. The leadership is local, we cooperate with each other on community concerns through consultation with each other, but no organizational structure". So there is no need for a Framework for National Stability or any such Frameworks. The Followers of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is very stable. The Imam also added that this "structure" makes for better progress.

Imam Yahya Abdullah

Alhamdulillah! Imam Yahya.

Thank you for this very important information. I conducted more that 100 interviews with people at the Janazah. And there was a felt need among many for some idea about moving forward. I had nothing to offer at the time and I was not personally comfortable with just leaving any of the sincere followers of Imam Mohammed (Rahim Allahu Alaihi) without at least something to consider.

Unfortunately, I didn't have this very significant information from you. I will share it with all those that I am in contact with. Insha'Allah when the Imam's meet after the Jum'uah at the Ramadan Session this can be made clear to everyone there.

Thank you. Ramadan Mubarak.

Your Friend
Faheem Shuaibe

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