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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan Greeting - Barack Obama

In honor of the month of Ramadan, Senator Obama made the following statement:
Today marks the beginning of Ramadan, a special time for American
Muslims. This is not only a month of fasting and prayer -- it is also a
time to reflect on the needs of those who are less fortunate. In the
weeks to come, Michelle and I want to wish all American Muslims our
very best wishes. We hope Ramadan brings you happiness, good health,
and a sense of renewal. 

 President Bush's comments can be found here.

Any comments from McCain????


Abu Ibrahim said...

I think it's a doggone shame that McCain can't even afford us the respect to say "Happy Ramadan," or something like that. Especially after the crap Rudy said at the convention last night.

If I had any doubts about Johnny boy, they're gone now.

Anonymous said...

Hey ABU, I don't recall any prominent MUSLIM telling us Happy Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah!
And besides the fact, that this is AMERICA! We have our own holidays dude. If you are so hell bent on celebrating your holidays, maybe you should go back to the country that celebrates them! Could you see me moving to Iran and then COMPLAINING because they didn't wish me MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Uh, HELLLLOOOOOO !!!!! Yeah, you don't just move to a country and then expect it to bend over and become a little version of the native land you just left.

Seems like you are missing your own country, so please do us all a favor and return!

thelegacymaker said...


The point of this post speaks to the respect of the nation's highest office (and those seeking it) for not just Christian and Jewish holidays, but Muslim Holidays as well. It's not about a Christian telling a Muslim Happy Ramadan, it's about an American telling an American Happy holidays.

America is a melting pot and it is constantly growing a changing. WE are consistently adding "holidays" to our calendar to honor and respect beliefs, people, and times in history. This is why America is is not dominated by one religion, one thought, but yet we are united by one geography. Freedom, justice and equality for all...powerful words even in this context.

Anonymous said...

As I previously stated, there weren't any Muslims or hopefuls to verbally recognize our Jewish holidays, so why would ABU assume that HIS holiday should be recognized verbally?
What makes ramadan any more special than the others? It's NOT. His assumptions and demands basically are way out of line.

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