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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notes from the 2008 Ramdan Session

The following are notes from the 2008 Ramadan Session. They in no way represent exact statements or opinions by speakers but I tried to convey a portion of what was discussed. Please feel free to offer corrections and/or comments. Also, unfortunately, I did not attend all the sessions and any notes given outside of my own will be quoted by the respected believer.

Theme: Qur'an Study Session The Path to Global Conclusion:
The Qur'an has a System of Logic for Planning Community Life To Survive on the Path to Global Fulfillment

Friday September 19, 2008

Jummah Prayer was given by Imam Gary Al-Kasib of Detroit. He spoke primarily from Imam's recent lesson about The Garden.

Nadir Muhammad served as the host for the rest of the session. The session continued with a panel of speakers:

Imam Yusuf Saleem, He spoke on education and its importance to the community. He also spoke about the Ramadan greeting; "Ramadan Mubarak" and followed by Ramadan Mubarak not Ramadan Karim because the Quran says Blessed Ramadan. He reminded us of IWDM words that "the destiny of human life is community life". - Saadiq Sadruddin

Imam Darnell Kariem, encouraged us to stay strong! Don't allow no one to come into your mind and cause doubt about your leader. He said that the Ramadan Session was the Imam's creation and that Imam Mohammed can never be buried. He was a very special creation. In scripture, it says "It will be burned into the hearts of the people."

He spoke about several interactions with the Imam where he received new insight. The Imam explained to him how we represent Zakariya's wife's pregnancy. G-d produced a new person in W. D. Mohammed and those who follow him are new too. The Imam was not taught by anyone (no sheikh, or formal teacher). He was taught by G-d and G-d's revelation.

He mentioned the 7 levels of Consciousness have to come ALIVE. They have to be earned and Imam Mohammed has earned his and his life bears witness to this.

Imam Darnell was once told by someone, you speak from the tongue it reaches the tongue and when you speak from the heart it reaches the heart. So, he just spoke from the heart.

He once asked the Imam how can you (in general) recite the Qur'an with out self-adoration of your own recitation and the sound of your voice? The Imam said to keep your mind on G-d! So, with that, Imam Darnell closed with a recitation of Surah Al Duha.

Imam Yahya Abdullah of Dallas, TX titled his talk, "Conversation with Imam W. D. Mohammed". This was the highlight of Friday's Session. He began with several VERY IMPORTANT Ayah's:




[I would encourage of us all to study these verses for they are very applicable to the times and the spirit of this year's Ramadan Session.]

So, Imam Yahya began with notes from "The Last Supper" which was the last time he saw Imam Mohammed. He and several other Imams sat down for dinner with Imam Mohammed and gained the following insight:

The question was regarding a hadith that the Imam spoke about at the Jummah convention, that Adam was created upon 60 arm-spans. Why the number 60? Imam Mohammed explained that Allah created man on the 6th day and this represents Man's NATURAL LIFE. Because 10 is consciousness, 60 is the consciousness of Man's Natural Life. [I took this as a focus on man's mind and his consciousness of the Garden, the natural world. Adam was so huge (tall) because his mind was created that way.]

The Imam also made mention of Methuselah who lived for 969 years according to the Bible. He said this only means that Man's ideas lived that long. Not the physical person, per se. Man's ideas live and die on the pattern of 100. This is when he made reference to the story of the Imam being recognized as the Mujjedid by Saudi Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz (a real Sheikh, not like you fake sheikhs and MILK-SHEIKHS). And all the Sheikhs in attendance nodded in approval.

Imam made mention of the two Gardens (55:46). And that the correct translation of the many-repeated ayah was, "Which of the TWO favors of your Lord will you deny TWICE?"

Two Gardens:
1. The Natural World-The Garden of Nature/Science
2. The Garden of Revelation/Religion

Adam was created in the 1st Garden and Jesus Christ was created in the second Garden. This is why Jesus is also referred to as the Second Adam. So, which of the 2 favors of your Lord will you Lie/hide about? Religion or Science?

Imam Yahya mentioned his time with the Imam on June 26th in Chicago. He said Imam said, Allah has chosen you, every believer who supports me, Allah has selected you! You are not here because you wanted to be here. Allah has selected you. You were chosen for this. Those of you who are looking for drama, looking for a BIG head leader, you won't find it here!

He mentioned that Mary had took the word of G-d and hid it in symbolism so it wouldn't be killed until it reached its maturity. Jesus represents the Word of G-d. Mary is the pure environment that the Word is born out of.

Mary went to Egypt (gypt the vision/sight). Qaahira (Cairo)-subduer by language-picture language. Shrouding wisdom in pictures. He told us what about those LEFT and RIGHT of Jesus/Word of G-d who try to kill Jesus. The LEFT-Liberals that Rob the Word and the RIGHT-The corrupt in Religion who pretend to be self-righteous.

The New Testament: I come into this world to give you LIFE more abundantly.
The Imam: The Word of G-d comes to empower us.
Imam Yayah: Your supposed to be empowered. You read 1/30 of the Qur'an per day during this month. The Imam is no longer here to SAVE you. [referring to the SAVIOR complex within many of us] Your faith has already saved you. G-d calls the Qur'an "The Clear Imam".

He said he received calls after the Imam passed, "What are we going to do?" He replied, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?" You don't know what to do this week but last week you knew what to do! Allah believes in us.

Finally, Imam Yahya suggested that we are NOT Chinese but we eat Chinese sometimes. We're not Italian but we eat some Italian sometimes. You eat Pakistani sometimes but your not Pakistani. But its nothing like a HOME cooked meal. This is what you love. This is where the best nourishment for you is. Enjoy your food more. Have that more than you eat out. STAY AT HOME AND GET YOUR FOOD.

And last but not least Imam Yahya issued this statement:

I'm pleased to inform you that per Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Instructions to me in June of this year in Chicago, he said " Yahya if anything should happen to me this community will remain as I have set it up. The Masjids will remain autonomous and no one will be over anyone. The leadership is local, we cooperate with each other on community concerns through consultation with each other, but no organizational structure". So there is no need for a Framework for National Stability or any such Frameworks. The Followers of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is very stable. The Imam also added that this "structure" makes for better progress.

After this there was a DVD presentation of 2007's Ramadan Session then we convened for iftar at the local Masjid.

For Saturday and Sunday, I have included the statements of a believer who was in attendance, since I did not take notes during these times. We thank Saadiq Sadruddin for this synopsis.

Saturday September 20, 2008

The entire morning was devoted to presentations on
Health Issues. The audience was very interested in
their presentations.

Speaker 1: Dr. Dard Muhammad of Texas

Speaker 2: Sister Maryam

Speaker 3: CPC - There was a short statement about CPC
by Yusuf Abdullah. He said that, "there will be no
statement on CPC for now".

Speaker 4: Dr. Jamal Rasheed - He reminded everyone
to be an asset rather than a liability to one another.
He quoted a couple of African proverbs: "If there is
no enemy within then the enemy without can do us no
harm". He encourage us to take advantage of our two
medias Muslim Journal and The Thinker (out of NY) as
sources to express ourselves. He caution us about
immorality and the effect of bad culture on people. He
wants us to be proactive in identifying the enemies
that can criple the community.

Speaker 5: Bro Majeed Munan (he works with the Thinker
newspaper in NY). He said that we are a community of
thinkers and thwe have to increase our initiatives. We
have to invest in the insights of IWDM e.g. "Man is

Speaker 6: Imam E. Pasha of NY. He spoke of his

experiences with IWDM. He also added the humor angle to
these situations. I did not take notes on Imam Pasha
lecture because he spoke from the human aspect of IWDM
and there was no gems per se but really the gems was
in experience itself. I pray that his talk was
recorded and amde available. Its worth listening too.

Speaker 7: Sister Ayesha Mustafaa Editor of Muslim
Journal - She described her talk as scattered thoughts
and a more central focus lecture. She gave an
excellent timeline span of MJ. She said that Malcolm X
started the paper in NY, and later Jabir Muhammad
moved the paper to Chicago.

She also gave a lithny of issues that MJ is facing not
the least is low circulation and the lost of Bro Monte
who may have been doing the work of 4 people. The
bottom line is that MJ need the support of the
community. Sister Ayesha, Editor of MJ ask that
everyone member of the community take out a
subscription and also buy one more paper from their
masjid too. The second paper can be past onto a friend
or coworker.

Speaker 8: The Saturday session concluded video of
IWDM Ramadan Session 2007.

Sunday September 21, 2008

Speaker 1: Imam Nasr Ahmed of Houston, Texas - He
spoke on many topics from comments of IWDM. Again I
did not take specific notes, but his comments were
very insightful and he set a standard of understanding
for imams in this community. Its worth getting the
recordings of his lecture.

Speaker 2: Imam Nafee (check spelling of name). He
introduced himself as the adopted son of IWDM. Even
though he came into the community in 1949 with his
mother as a baby. He spoke very well of the Imam and
said that the previous Saturday, the Imam was glowing
with happiness as though he was a teenager. His
comments were very warm and inspiring.

- Saadiq Sadruddin


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JazakALLAHU khayran for presenting this information.

The imam from Detroit is Gary Al-Kasib.

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Thank you for these notes. I have been wondering about the TWO FAVORS that G-d repeats in the verses.

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