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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak!!!

According to the shura of Imams associated with Imam W D Mohammed, the moon was sighted in Florida indicating the first day of shawaal will be tomorrow. Eid Mubarak!


Subject: ICNYU Eid ul Fitr Announcement l Info on Prayers and Brunch

as'salaamu alaykum

Based off of confirmed local moon sightings in Florida, Texas, and other parts of the county, the Islamic center at NYU will be observing Wednesday, October 1st as the first of Shawwal and subsequently Eid-ul Fitr.

We will be holding Eid prayers tomorrow inshallah at the Islamic Center located at 371 6th Avenue, on the corner of 6th avenue and Washington Place. Eid Prayers will begin at 9:30am and will be followed by brunch. Both prayers and the brunch are open to everyone, nyu and non-nyu, so feel free to attend inshallah even if you are not an NYU student, faculty member, or part of the staff.

For directions to the Islamic Center please visit our website at

In preparation for tomorrow, our khatib Haroon Moghul has passed on the following message:
"Since Eid prayer is not like regular prayer, it's best we know what to expect and to prepare for the prayer in advance, mentally and spiritually. Eid Prayer is scheduled to begin by 9.30 a.m.

Eid Prayer will follow Hanafi fiqh on this occasion; it is important to recognize that the eight schools of law are all equally valid in fiqh. There are differences in how different schools perform the prayer, so Eid prayer may be different than you remember it in your respective communities. This doesn't mean your community was doing anything wrong.

There will be no adhan or iqama for the Eid prayer. The prayer consists of two raka', or cycles. In the first raka', there are 3 takbirat after the initial takbir (raising the hands and saying, "Allahu Akbar," meaning: God is greater); in the second raka', there are 3 takbirat after the initial takbir. So, there are 6 extra takbirat in total.

In between each of the takbir, you are recommended to read to yourself the following invocation: Subhanallah wa'l-hamdulillah wa la ilaha illa Allah wa'llahu Akbar (meaning: Glory be to God, praise be to God, there is no other god but God, and God is greater [than all]).

After the prayer, there will be a short khutbah. Normal rules of khutbah apply. The Eid prayer is not counted unless the fajr prayer is performed. Before the prayer, the Imam will review this procedure."
Eid Mubarak wa Eid sa'eed wa kulla 'aam wa antum bi khayr. May Allah accept from all of us on this blessed day and grant us the best in this world and the best of the next. Ameen.

was'salaamu alaykum
Khalid Latif



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