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Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekly Wisdom - 8/15: Tawheed

"Tauheed is a logic that influ­ences all of life, all matter, human life more than any­thing else, because it is free with the freedom of conscious­ness.

We are free to take our minds out of the small con­fines of our created nature into the nature of energy and matter and just delve into everything that our minds can reach. We can study it, get information from it and have our own lives influenced by what we find.

Most of the time, if you are searching for truth, it increas­es your life. It is like man and wife - mind and matter. When they have a relationship, where they have engagement and exchanges, matter imparts something to me and situates my mind to respond to it, like breathing in and breathing out." -Imam W. D. Mohammed

My Commentary:

This is how the mind meets the idea of G-d logically!

When you understand G-d to be ONE, to have no partners, no equals, and that Allah is the only thing that deserves your highest consciousness and worship, your mind is set free! You are free to study a creation, a UNIVERSE, THAT BRINGS YOU FURTHER INTO GRASPING THE CONCEPT OF YOUR LORD. And you will see that the oneness in creation reflects the oneness of Allah. Everything is in perfect harmony.

Just as Prophet Ibraheem studied the stars, the moon, and the sun to come to the conclusion that the creator of all those things must be Allah. Man is engaging his intelligence in the Universe AND THEREFORE COMING INTO FAITH. As a scientist you come to see that man has been given a purpose and that purpose is higher than the purpose of anything else created. MAN should then respond to that purpose and seek guidance and understanding from the ONE who created all things.


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