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Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is EXACTLY what we need to do...

**thelegacymaker rolls his eyes**

I can't believe this lady would SAY THIS...

To beat extremism we must dissolve religious groups

I mean really, come on. Minette Marrin, the author of this piece in the TIMESONLINE article, claims that more than just a tiny minority of Muslims in the UK hold extreme fundamentalist opinions, contrary to popular belief. She also argues that
"Religion should not be allowed a public space or public representation."
I follow the logic of Imam W. D. Mohammed, "And Satan has been successful; he has discredited religion and brought religion to be a ridiculous thing in the minds of many decent and intelligent people."


DC said...

Wow this lady is pretty extreme in here suggestions. People like her respond to the presentation of Islam that they see. Muslims are human beings and as such, some are guilty of doing many crazy and incorrect things in the name of religion. Her writing this article just tells me that we Muslims are doing a horrible job of representing the religion at this time. The reason ppl think that Islam is crazy and violent and terrorist is b/c of Muslims who do suicide bombings and kill men women and children for their crazed motives. We cannot defend this. We should speak out against these criminals, barbarians,and psychotic madmen who do this awful things and seek to justify them with religion.

thelegacymaker said...

Your right. Islam is currently insufficiently represented and we have to do more to speak out against those who incorrectly represent our religion. This, in fact, was the practice of the Prophet (saw). It is reported that we should "speak out" against wrong by ACTION, then by SPEECH, and at least dislike it in your HEART and SOUL.

Thanks DC for your enlightening comments.

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