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Monday, July 28, 2008

Muslims In America: Imam W.D. Mohammed Parts 1-5

Muslims in America
Hosted by Umar Jamil Nasser

This is a program for Huda TV about various Muslims in America. One particular episode highlights Imam W.D. Mohammed, the leader of the largest Muslim community in America and founder of The Mosque Cares. It follows the early history of the Nation of Islam, Islam in America, and how one man influenced so many to transition into the true practice of Islam.

"I'm thinking to myself...Daddy said, 'Jesus Christ, a white man, is not God. He's not God. He's not the son of God.' Then he tells us Mr. Fard is God. And he looks like a white man to every black man... So, in prison, I made up my mind that when I was released, I would never accept to identify with that belief that Mr. Fard is God in the flesh..."

-Imam W. D. Mohammed


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