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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Islam ads to be placed in NYC subway trians

"NEW YORK (CNN) -- Ads promoting Islam are to be placed on New York subway cars in September, but a U.S. congressman finds people sponsoring the messages unacceptable."

Now first, I think this is GREAT! This seems like a great way to dispel ignorance and myths about certain words connected with Islam. It urges people to inform themselves with the truth about the meaning of these words and seeks to battle NEGATIVE images of Islam.

The problem is, however, it has ALREADY sparked the wrong message! Because Imam Siraj Wahaj is promoting the ads, they have not only linked this campaign to an effort to convert people to Islam (which scares people), they are tying the Imam to the 9/11 bombings (which undermines the credibility of this effort). The Post says he is an "Unconvicted Co-Conspirator". Don't slander the man's name. Furthermore, Fox is having a ball with these headlines:

"Radical Imam launches ads urging conversion to Islam" (FOX)

"Islamic group behind ad blitz has terrorists ties" (FOX)

The news, but especially FOX, has a particular way of twisting things. Something that was designed to dispel the fear and ignorance associated with Islam is doing the exact opposite. Here's a compiled clip of how they twist the intentions of this effort:

LETS SUPPORT GOOD EFFORTS, don't let the news succeed in scaring and misinforming the people. STAND UP FOR YOUR ISLAM.


Marc Manley said...

The least they could do is pronounce Siraj's name right. Allah!

thelegacymaker said...

lol...i know right.

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