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Friday, June 20, 2008

SHEIKH (with the spit in pronunciation)

Does your sheikh smoke? Drink? Is he gay? Well apparently there many who live this sort of lifestyle while holding the title of sheikh. I'm not a big fan of BBC news. Let's get this out right now. (I have much more respect for CNN.) So, any so-called-news that comes from them I tend not to trust, or feel that they altered it in a way to spark certain emotions or feelings as they see fit.

I came across this article first in The Associated Press (AP) and as I looked it up on the internet I found a much more detailed story. The AP mentioned the assault on Orsi was the result of his denying a bottle of champagne and I first thought ...
"Why would a sheikh be sending someone champaigne?"

Then I had to stop and think what the true meaning of this word was....Elder. Growing up I always had the notion that a sheikh was some extremely religious person higher in knowledge than an if you become an Imam and then live and study long enough to become a sheikh. This notion is not too far from the truth but the term here is used in reference to a ruling family or leader.

My problem is with how everyone throws around the word sheikh as if its some loose term. Words like this are strategically designed to arouse emotions so that the public can be easily manipulated. Look at the word jihad.

Imam W.D. Mohammed once said that Satan is in the language. Look at how he alters the meanings and emotions behind words. And we'll save the actions and lifestyle of this "sheikh" for another post...


Tariq said...

That's whats up! When I was overseas, some students would always answer questions with, "I gotta check with my shiekh about that." I assumed this invisible shiekh was a scholar of religion or of some particular subject. This isn't the case. Oftentimes this is just a way to shut you up if they don't agree with you. The word just means old man and is not synonymous with religious wisdom. The principle idea is that if you have lived long enough to be an elder, you should have accumulated some type of knowledge or experience just by being alive so long. The way people throw the title around and give it weight other than its original meaning is on exactly as you said "Satan is in the language."

thelegacymaker said...

Well said

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