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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How does your life parallel to that of the Prophet's (saw)?

THIS IS A VIDEO of Barack Obama's speech to his campaign staff and volunteers shortly after he became the presumptive Democratic nominee.

This speech almost put me to tears...I know some of you haters out there are like "oh boy" but this man has been given a gift by G-d. Don't be ashamed to say it. We as Muslims know that all good comes from Allah and that EVERY person is acting accordingly to Allah's plan. When we recognize good in someone we should say "Alhamdulillah" (all praise is for Allah).

This speech really touches to the heart. Hearing how Obama inspires his staff, can you imagine hearing the Prophet (saw) speak to his companions? Now here was a man who was inspired directly by G-d and given revelation that would complete the way of life for all mankind now and in the future. His own wife (may Allah be pleased with her) said that he was like a walking Qur'an. He was living the word of G-d!!

Imagine how our Prophet (saw) inspired the world! Parallel the corruption, ignorance, and darkness of those times to the time that we live in now. Look at how Obama struggles with education, healthcare, war, poverty. Now, study how the Prophet changed the condition of his people. Look at how the Qur'an gave life to a people who were dead to the world. Look at how the Prophet and Allah's revelation united people from all across world to one place, one house, one G-d.

Now look again at how Obama is consistently attacked in the media. From terrorist fist bumps to accusations of "distorting" the Bible, Obama is catching heat and opposition only from those who are influenced by the scheme's of Satan. Those who want to promote war, ignorance, power. Compare this to what the Prophet (saw) went through in his lifetime. Let me remind you, that as Muslims we believe that our Prophet (saw) is the best example of how to overcome the schemes of Satan. Now take Obama out of the equation. How does your own life and your own struggles compare to that of the Prophet's? The more we begin to establish a relationship with the Prophet (saw), the more we see characteristics of his life and leadership, the closer we will become to following the best example that we have as humans beings.

Is Obama trying to be like the Prophet (saw)? I believe in this aspect he is. Whether he knows it or not. Emulating the characteristics of the Prophet, standing up for what is right, modeling your struggle after that of Prophet Muhammad (saw) ...Obama may not even truly know what he is doing for the world! Could this be setting a stage for rapid rise of Islam in the West? Allah knows best.


DC said...

As Salaam Alaikum akhi,
I like your perspective. Never thought about it like that. Seeing how Obama is clearly a man chosen by Allah to deal with the world exactly in this moment today, I can only imagine how it was to be in the present of Muhammad the Prophet and hear his universal message. It would be awesome. Reading his Hajj sermon (oft referred to as his last sermon) still brings chills today b/c its so on point for right now even though he spoke the words over 1400 years ago.

thelegacymaker said...

Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

Yes! The Prophet's last sermon will forever stand the test of time! Thanks for your comment.

Zahara said...

I would agree....I never looked at it out of this lenses before. Obama in the same light as the Prophet?!?! I guess you would be referring to me as one of the "haters". I honestly think that Obama has been created to make a difference in this world, for that fact I think I was created for a purpose and to make a difference in this world. One child and family at a time. I think everyone has a divine purpose on earth. I just have a hard time when people get to a level of worship or obsession over another human being. It makes me feel all funny inside:-)LOL...I think that G-d desires all the praise and worship and that Obama should be looked at as a visionary but not this God like man that was sent to unite black and white, red and yellow. I just wouldn't use his name and the Prophet Muhammad in the same article. OBAMA 08! (I like him , but am just not obsessing over him)

thelegacymaker said...

CORRECTION: Obama should not be viewed in the "same light" as the Prophet (saw). Obama has many flaws. The Prophet (saw) was as close to perfect than any other human being.

The point of this post was to first recognize that the Messenger of Allah was human. Look at the way people are inspired by Obama and only imagine how people were inspired by the Prophet! Puts things in perspective for those who can't relate.

Secondly, everyone should strive to emulate those characteristics displayed by the Prophet (saw). If you see these characteristics in someone praise Allah, not the person. Allah is in control.

DC said...

As Salaam Alaikum. Just a clarification. I wasn't likening Obama to Prophet Muhammad (Prayers and Peace be upon him) at all. My comment was just acknowlegdment of the observation of the affect Obama is having on the nation and the world. I can only imagine what it would have been like to hear and see the affect of Prophet Muhammad on the world. In a world like today with media and video cameras where messages are carried in real time, it would be amazing to have the whole world hearing the message from Prophet Muhammad himself. This affect we are witnessing with Obama should just be a reminder to us as to the power that Allah has to affect hearts and minds of millions with the words of one.

As far as being human. Every human being is human with flaws, including all Prophets and Messengers. Prophets have an elevated station in humanity being G-d's chosen servants to deliver G-d's message to humanity. But that doesn't make them less human. In fact, its makes them perfect human beings in the fullest sense.

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